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12 beautiful beaches for Wild Camping in Portugal. Secret Spots and amazing views ❤
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I will tell you my 12 dearest camping for free places in Portugal


If you have ever planned a short camper trip to Portugal – don´t do it!


Take a little bit more time and discover this beautiful and amazing country in the southwest of Europe. For those, who are familiar with my blog and my favorite destinations they know, that Portugal is my number one for staying overnight at the beaches.

We strongly recommend to visit Portugal in the time between April & June or between middle of September to the end of November. In this period of time, you will be more successful in finding a quiet and spacious place to stay overnight. With a bit of luck you get a great place right on the beach. There you can sleep well with the sound of the waves and you will enjoy your breakfast with the fantastic view over the Atlantic Ocean.


Here I will point out my favorite places in Portugal to stay overnight.


But consider: behave respectfully towards nature, take your garbage with you and use your own toilet! Most of the beaches I mentioned here are located in the Nature Reserve of the Natural Park of the Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina




I will not go into the legal guidelines for staying outside of campsites in Portugal. Everyone knows that it is not allowed. Also the classic „Sleeping to restore you cruising“ is to be enjoyed with caution.

All the places I recommend to you here are illegal for the night, be aware of this. It is currently (still) tolerated. How long that depends largely on US!

No camping in nature! DO NOT place anything in front of the door. Already the departure of the step means: Camping! Use your own toilet – not the forest!

Note: You are in the nature reserve! Respect nature!

Take your garbage with you and dispose it in a garbage can! Go to the various Intermarchés and dispose your gray water and your toilet there!

Keep yourself as unobtrusive and clean as possible!


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Norte ★ Nazaré


Nazaré - Praia do Norte

Nazaré – Praia do Norte


Praia do Norte, Nazaré / GPS: 39.613210,-9.0850.88 

Anyone who decides to go to Portugal once to stay free, should start in Nazaré, especially in the winter months. The Praia do Norte is the absolute hotspot of the surfing community and offers spectacular views of insanely good surfers and surfing!

My first tip has a relatively narrow driveway. Check it out on Google Earth and decide for yourself if this is relevant to you. People with smaller camper vans or vans will have no problem to come to the beach of Nazare.

 You will find an unpaved, small beach parking place, which is more secluded in the nearby forest for camping. Praia do Norte offers breathtaking waves, best air and a spray that is unparalleled. My absolute tip for a tour along the Atlantic coast!


Camping for free Portugal: Comporta Beach ★ Setubal


Strandcafe in Comporta, Portugal

Strandcafe in Comporta, Portugal


 Comporta, Setubal / GPS  38.3821294,-8.801311

Comporta is one of the greatest, widest & most cultivated beaches I have seen in Portugal so far. Here, certainly because of the proximity to Lisbon, you meet on a very well-managed beach with two high-quality restaurants. Comporta Café and Ilha do Arroz.

Both restaurants offer excellent quality at a reasonable price, which means they are no cheap beach bars. You will sit at comfortable tables and will enjoy fresh fish directly from the sea.

The driveway is easy to manage and to stay 1 or 2 nights in the low season should not be a problem (source: residents in Comporta). A delicious dinner in one of the restaurants will surely help to improve the reputation of the motorhome drivers so-called as „scrooge“  


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Carvalhal ★ Praia do Pego


Carvalhal Beach, Mitte Portugal

Carvalhal Beach, Mitte Portugal


Long drawn dunes, endless expanses & high waves – this is the Praia do Carvalhal! This beach could be one of your first stops on the way from Nazaré to the Algarve. Praia do Carvalhal is about 1 hour from Lisbon and is accordingly „farmed“. Carvalhal & Praia do Pego are no hippie-beaches. Here you will find the classic beach program. Sun loungers and a first class restaurant.

I have also confirmed here from a friendly local residents that you can easily use the beach parking to spend the night – certainly not in the main season. As long as you are not do camping with your equipment and maybe even have a great dinner in the restaurant with sea view, everything should be good.


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Amado ★ Carrapateira


Portugal - Algarve - Praia do Amado

Portugal – Algarve – Praia do Amado


Praia do Amado – west coast / GPS: 37.165981, -8.90188

Here you are at the number one beach for surfers of the west coast on a GIANT beach parking place. Sometimes you will find more than 200 campers here. This beach is not only used in the low season to „live“ a vanlife. I bet, there are some specialists who have arranged themselves all year round.

In addition to the typical surfer busses, there are also vehicles of all kinds, partly with child & dog. I mean, some young families spend their parental leave here. It’s cool and relaxed.

 Praia do Amado is quite remote from all, so grab the fridge full and have enough barbecue. Want to learn surfing? Then you have arrived here at the surf school mecca. Congratulations and HAPPINESS!


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Bordeira ★ Carrapateira


Freistehen an der Lagune Carrapateira

Freistehen an der Lagune Carrapateira


Praia do Bordeira, west coast / GPS: 37° 12′ N , 8° 52′ W

I can not actually go to Portugal without sleeping at least one night at the lagoon in Carrapateira. It’s a magical place for me.

 This beach is not so far away, but still in the outback of Carrapateira – Vila do Bispo. It is a pretty, small village on the west coast and basically offers everything you need. Including small restaurants and pastelarias. So you can spend your evening in the place and then go out later to the beach and sleep here.

On the other hand, you can also pack something for the barbecue and spend half the night in front of your van at the lagoon. You will usually be surrounded by hippies, surfers, drop-outs and at least one of them has a guitar and often there is the classic camp fire. Should it be very hot, your dog will also feel very comfortable there, because the lagoon invites you to swim long distances. Totally smooth water!

A walk through the shallow waters of the lagoon brings you to the overwhelming beach of Praia do Bordeira. 

This is my top recommendation for your frees staying in Portugal in the outback of the Algarve!


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Cordoama ★ Vila do Bispo


Freistehen in Portugal - Praia do Cordoama

Freistehen in Portugal – Praia do Cordoama


Praia do Cordoama, west coast // GPS: 37° 6′ 32.88″, -8° 56′ 9.24

One of my absolute favorite beaches! I always remember my first night there in our beautiful old Hymer camper van. It was so dark, you can not imagine! No moon, no mobile phone reception … But a starry sky to melt!

To the Praia do Cordoama you can go with your big motorhome very easily. We arrive mostly at night and there is no problem in the dark.

 When the raging sea lets you sleep long, you can enjoy your morning coffee on the terrace of the restaurant. The beach is huge and also your dog will be happy about the incredible width of the beach. Send me energy and light when my report inspires you and you turn your first morning jogging session there.


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Castelejo ★ Vila do Bispo


Praia do Castelejo Portugal

Praia do Castelejo Portugal


Praia do Castelejo, west coast / GPS: 37.10201, -8.944796

Castelejo is the other side of Corodama, but the driveway is not as comfortable as going down to Cordoama. Hugh campers – please go over to Cordoama. You can go to Praia do Castelejo, if you walk along the Cordoama to the left.

The advantage of Castelejo? The sunset!!! Here the sun falls directly into the sea. This is really a dream !!! So if you walk, like so many, to the Castelejo beach for enjoying the sunset, please do not forget to pack a good flashlight because the return is guaranteed black

It should be noted that Castelejo has a cool beach bar, where you can sit well, eat and watch the sunset.

When the raging sea lets you sleep long, you can enjoy your morning coffee on the terrace of the restaurant. The beach is huge and also your dog will be happy about the incredible width of the beach. Send me energy and light when my report inspires you and you turn your first morning jogging session there.


Camping for free Portugal: Praia da Ingrina ★ Sagres


Frei Stehen in einer tollen kleine Bucht - Praia da Ingrina

Praia da Ingrina, Portugal


Praia da Ingrina, Algarve / GPS: 37°3’0″ N und 8°52’60“ W

I prefer to go to Praia da Ingrina when I want to spend a few hours in a restaurant with sea view. Here the Portuguese grandma is still in the kitchen and prepares the fish quite traditionally. At this restaurant you can get he great GARUPA (pike perch) to eat and this fish is a real highlight.

The route from Sagres is easy, the last few hundred meters of the road are quite narrow (as so often in the Algarve region). You just have to keep calm when there is traffic – there is no camper left. Maybe it will calm you if I tell you that there is a small campsite above the beach. So, no problem to take the road!

Between the beach and the campsite there is a small plateau with a gravel road to the outback. There you can stand a few days and fall asleep with the sound of the waves. The bay is, for Algarve conditions, rather small and large waves do not arrive there either. So if you are looking for a beach to swim, go there!

It´s an absolutely fantastic spot in the Algarve region!


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Zavial ★ Sagres


Surfer an Zavial Beach, ein Hippie Mekka zum Freistehen in Portugal

Surfer an Zavial Beach


Praia do Zavial, Algarve / GPS: N 37º 3′ 27.68” , W 8º 53′ 10.52”

Zavial is a small bay on the way from Lagos to Sagres. The approach is completely unproblematic and comfortable. There are several villas and holiday houses near the beach. Zavial is one of the best residential areas in the Algarve. The restaurant on the beach is accordingly good.

Zavial is one of the beaches where nudist is allowed, but not compulsory. This has also led to the fact that here, too, the „dropouts“ took the regime into their own hands, preferably in the low season.

Also the villa of the PURE SURFCAMP is located near this beach. If you want to surf or watch the surfers, Zavial is always worth a trip!


Praia das FURNAS ★ Sagres


Praia das Furnas, Algarve / GPS: 37.056664, -8.854977

Also Furnas is known as hippie beach. Here you will find, as well as at the beach Barranco some „dropouts“ and alternatively living people. Actually, every human being should have to deal with this kind of life some time a year. This sorts the values ​​again and I can say MONEY is not the highest good. 

Furnas is surrounded by some caves. This is good during the day to put the dogs in the shade, sometimes I think, however, that at certain seasons there dwellers live in there … Is only such a presumption. Due to its very remote location Furnas is officially classified as a naturist beach. If you like, you can drop all wraps here – but do not have to. 

For me, the approach is more than adventurous. My recommendation is therefore NOT to take the camper, but rather the motorbike, scooter, bike or car rental. But of course it is the case that there are larger and smaller camper vans at Furnas. You just have to trust yourself!


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Barranco ★ Sagres


Goldener Strand am Praia do Barranco - Freistehen in Piortugal

Praia do Barranco – Portugal – Algarve


Praia do Barranco, Algarve / GPS 37.0375298,-8.8934408

The half-round bay of Praia do Barranco is very hidden and is a very individual spot of Portugal. Whenever I was there, whether in July or out of the main season, I have never been to „normal“ tourists.

Barranco is completely  in hippie-hand. You will meet there on a variety of different built buses. The hippies of Barranco look as if they had been stuck there for months. It is always whispered and discussed whether this beach was „cleared“ some time, but so far everything is safe. The great point at Barranco is, also for hippie – families with childs, that there is relatively shallow water. Clear is nevertheless, here is Atlantic Ocean and the children should be under supervision in the water! My dog Stuart, an enthusiastic swimming terrier, loves Barranco above all !!!

Again, I have to say, the driveway is special. Yes, it goes with big mobiles, but you have to trust. But it is also true here: no one has remained stuck.


Camping for free Portugal: Praia do Burgau ★ Sagres


Burgau Algarve

Frei stehen Burgau


Praia do Burgau, Algarve / GPS: 37.072068, -8.773381

Also this beach is such a small dreamlike bay, which I would like to recommend you expressly:

Since 2016, there are actually furnished RV sites! The pitches are marked! Very exemplary as I find! I hope the example makes school and in the future, other great places on beaches will be set up in the Algarve.

Around the beach it is hilly, almost mountainous. It is the famous Rock Valley to which you meet here. With the camper, I would not drive these gradients all around.


Services stations for campervans at Intermarche’s  


I leave you a link to Google Maps, where you can see all the supermarkets on the coast of Portugal. Including those with washer & dryer!


Update October 2017

In 2016 the free standing with a camper  in Portugal has taken so much that the residents are now totally annoyed. In the meantime free standing has become a rarity. Especially on the beaches it is unfortunately preferred. If you want to risk staying at beach parking, be as unobtrusive as possible, take your garbage and use your own toilet, and empty it also at the numerous disposal stations of the Algarve.

I am glad if you like my favorite  places as well as me. Perhaps you will have one or the other beach-night-tip – then please comment this nevertheless here under the contribution. I look forward to your experiences and comments!


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