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Hello, we are Doreen & Carsten and we travel in Europe with our camper van.

Here we will show you well researched topics around campsites und great destinations in France, Portugal & Germany

We usually speak German, so please apologize, if our English translation is not quite as perfect.

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Lavendel in der Provence ©Fotolia163071509
zeigt Meer und Hängematte

12 beautiful camping for free ❤ beaches in Portugal

    I will tell you my 12 dearest camping for free places in Portugal   If you have ever planned a short camper trip to Portugal - don´t do it!   Take a little bit more time and discover this beautiful and amazing…
zeigt das altertümliche Aquädukt Pont du Gard

Camping with dogs at Pont du Gard ★ France

  Provence with a camper   Your exciting Campervan- tour in Europe should take place in the pittoresk area of Provence.If you decide to travel to France we would like to give you some advices for the perfekt tour and the best accommodations…